true American luxury

the story of struggle and triumph

Isabel and Celine grew up in a small immigrant family. Their parents came to this country with nothing but hopes and dreams to build a better life for their daughters. 

 Celine, the older sister, learned from an early age to be responsible. She helped her mother clean homes so they could pay the bills. Her childhood was marked by long hours of work, but she never complained. She was determined to pave the way for her little sister Isabel to have more opportunities.

Isabel grew up carefree, nurtured by her family’s love and sacrifices. She thrived in school and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer.

However, Isabel gave up her dreams and began working alongside her sister to help the family.  Through years of hard work, Isabel and Celine were able to build their own lives and start a luxury item company. They named the company after themselves as a tribute to their immigrant roots and unbreakable bond as sisters. Every item is a celebration of the struggles they overcame together and a reminder of the bright future their sacrifices have built. Isabel & Celine items blend modern glamour with heartfelt memories. They represent the realization of dreams, of family, and of sacrifices that turn into triumphs.

With every purchase, you carry the story of Isabel and Celine. An immigrant story of hope, love and perseverance in the pursuit of a better life. A story that makes this brand and these items a true American luxury.


Dedication to quality

We are dedicated to world-class quality. All our raw materials are of the highest grade. 

Premium Products

Designed and manufactured with the highest standards, our products meet your highest expectations. 

Focus on Health

Our products are designed to help our customers focus on a healthy life.